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  • Foods for Digestive Health

    In theory, you should be able to digest any food you eat. But changes in food processing and preparation means our stomachs do not always react well to everything we eat. Occasional gas, bloating and irregular bowel movements are signs that the food you are eating is not friendly to your digestive system. However, paying attention and making a few changes in your diet can ease these digestive problems.

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  • Commercial Tree Farmers Warned against Uncertified Seedling Suppliers

    Ugandans intending to venture into commercial tree farming have been advised to source tree seedlings from only certified dealers to avoid the consequences which may arise after planting substandard tree seedlings. The call was made by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Country Coordinator for Sawlog Production Grant Scheme (SPGS) III Leonidas Hitimana; “If you want value for your money invested in commercial tree farming, we advise you to plant tree seedlings from only certified nurseries.  As FAO we have certified over 40 tree nursery dealers across the country. Through them commercial tree farmers can access quality tree seedlings for their gardens instead of buying tree seedlings from roadside nursery tree seedling sellers,” he explained.

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  • Tropical FM SILC
    Tropical FM 88.4 launched Integrated Rural Economic Empowerment Projects which will benefit it's fans and members and larger agricultural community. The initial phase includes SILC groups (Savings and Internal Lending Communities) that are successfully transforming themselves and are in the sucounties of Kitenga, Kiganda, Kiyuni, Mubende Municipality, Ntwetwe and Kasule. Keep posted for more info!

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